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2022 111th Show


Friday 11th

Saturday 12th

Sunday 13th

Show is postponed we will keep you updated on this site.

The 2022 Clifton show will be run in conjunction with any COVID-19 requirements applicable at the time.

1.Do not come to the Clifton Show if you are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptons similar to covid-19

2.register your arrival using the QRcode provided or sign the COVID-19 arrival register.

3.Adhere to physical distanceing requirements i.e. remain 1.5m apart from people not from your same household.

4.sanitise hands frequently

5. adhere to maximum capacity signs when entering buildings


find Us On Facebook - "Clifton Show Society" - and stay up to date with the latest announcements

What can you expect to see at a typical Clifton Show - Have a look at this quick video to give you an idea

WE NEED YOU - Volunteer and make a difference to this community event

Have some spare time before during or after the show, want to meet some new people, make a contribution to the town then Volunteer for the Show Society.

Volunteers are needed to ensure events can run smoothly, Food and drink can be supplied and those that volunteer have a chance to enjoy the show as well.

An hour, a few hours, a few days any time you can give will be greatly valued and appreciated and will contribute to a successful show - This community event can not go ahead without community spirit and volunteers

For more information speak with the secretary Adele email [email protected]   ph. 0409809498

Just a few areas help is needed :- Set up ~ Clean Up ~ Stewards ~ Show Canteen Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~ The Bar over the 3 days ~ Plus many other jobs that need to be done

A lot of planning throughout the year and time and effort is put into running the show by members of the community who give up their time and resources to provide this event so before complaining something is lacking or could be done better ask yourself can I help or do something to contribute.

2022 Admission :

Friday No Gate Charge


Adults$15.00 ~ Pensioners $10.00 ~High School Students $10.00 ~ Primary School and Under FREE


Adults $10 - Pensioner $6 - High School Student $4 - Primary School Students free

Pre Purchased Membership ~ Family $25.00 ~ Single $12.50

No Car Charge 

2020 Show Program

Major Sponsors for Entertainment;

Clifton Auto Ag Repairs

OD & AM Saville Transport

Pat Weir - MP

SouthEast Engineering

Ray Bunch Machinery 

Friday No Gate Charge

9.00AM pavilion Entries Taken until 12pm

1.00pm Pavilion Judging

6.00pm All Breeds Stud Cattle Heifer Show


8..00am Stud Cattle Judging

          Local Horse Events

9.00am Pavilion Open to the Public

9.30am Stud Sheep Judging

10.00am Horse Sporting Events

11.00am Harness Events in the main arena\

12.00pm Ute Show Nominations Close & Judging Commences

12.15pm Schools Competition - Battle of the Brains

12.30pm Official Luncheon

2.30pm Mini Trotters

3.00pm Ute Show Presentations

3.30pm Trotting Heat `1

3.50pm Trotting Heat 2

4.00pm Mini Trotters

4.10pm Trotting Heat 3

4.20pm Mini Trotters

4.30pm Trotting Heat 4

4.40pm Mini Trotters

4.50pm Fashion Parade

5.30pm Eljay Freestyle Entertainment

         Draw of the Patrols Lucky Day

6.00pm Trotting Finals

7.00pm Eljay Freestyle Entertainment


8.00pm Andrew Kucks

Cross Cut Saw Races will be held Saturday afternoon

Times for Young Judges Events - Please check with sections on the day

Sale of Potential Led Steers will be at the completion of Paraders & Led Steer


8.00am All Breeds Horse Show Judging commence in 7 Rings

9.00am Pavilion Open to the Public

12 noon Pet Parade

2.00pm Pavilion Entries may be Removed (NOT BEFORE & YOU MUST SEE STEWARD TO COLLECT)

***subject to change without notice at discretion of show society***

Office Bearers

Patron ~ Mr.Tim Logan

                        President ~ Mr.Haydn O'Leary

Vice Presidents: Senior ~ Mr B.A Hamilton

                      Junior ~ Mr. A.Gillam

Secretary/Tresurer ~ Mrs A. Saville

Committe ~ ; PN May; MJ Oleary;  J Milton; B Gillam; A Gillam; T Fowkes;; T O'Leary; K.Flynn; J Thornton; S.Daley; L.Prendergast, N.Haywood;S.Nielsen;

Life Members ~ Mrs D Page; Mrs R Thompson; Mrs B Feltoe; Mrs Marie Ruhle; PN May; Mrs P Imhoff; Mrs L May; Mrs AM Saville; Mrs O Shooter; DB Grayson; Mr Merv Ruhle; B.A.Hamilton;  T O'Leary, H & D O'Leary; Mr M O'Leary

Website updated and maintained by Adele Saville & Carissa Legge

Clifton Show


Run by the community

for the community